How to guide 2015/16

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this website is for educational purposes only on getting around the geo-ip system with the Overplay service and in no way are we responsible for what you may do with this information.

So this is the 3rd year now where we have given you free information on how you can access PremierLeaguePass from anywhere in the world to watch all 380 games of the Premier League Live in HD with 4.5Mb/s streams on many devices like Laptop’s/iPad/iPhone/Android.

The guide below works without the need for a VPN by using a SmartDNS system from Overplay.  Their service allows you to load the PremierLeaguePass website as if you were in New Zealand. Thus fully allowing you to register and watch all the games. The streams are also sent over their CDN network so it never buffers as long as you have the sufficient download speed. The feed is the direct feed from the premier league with English commentary.

Step 1 – Overplay

OverplaySubscribe to the SmartDNS service at, you can sign up for  1 month initially to get familiar with the service. However I personally have been using Overplay for 4+ years to get around Geo-ip restrictions and have never had a problem so I subscribe for 12 months as it work’s out a bit cheaper. The SmartDNS system also offers much like switching Netflix regions, free Hulu TV and much more… The channels/catchup services they offer can be seen HERE.

Once you have subscribed then go through their setup pages HERE and once you have everything setup you will be able to head to PremierLeaguePass.  It’s a simple thing to do, all you have to do is change which DNS servers you use. There are some videos on Overplay’s YouTube channel here to help you as well.

Once you think you are done then head to Your Account and you should see the following.

SmartDNS success


Step 2 – Sign up to PremierLeaguePass

Head on over to the PremierLeaguePass website and then you should see the following.



Then hit ‘Subscribe Now’ and you will be taken to…

Screenshot 2015-08-06 16.31.46

You can pay for the Season pass in full, however as I have a credit card that doesn’t charge me for different currency payments I went for the season pass monthly this year.

Then fill in your details like below…

User details

Then you will be forwarded to the payment section.

Payment stage

Fill in all your details as normal except for the Phone for this you will need a New Zealand phone number. DO NOT USE THE EXAMPLE GIVEN. Go onto Google and use your imagination to find a suitable phone number.


Success! You have signed up to PremierLeaguePass and you are now ready to watch all 380 games this season.

I think you deserve a beer?!

On Saturday 8th August the you will be able to tune in live to all the games and you will see something like below and just click on Watch Live.


Thanks for your time. If you have any Bitcoin lying about I appreciate donations.

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A free guide on how to watch all the premier league games on your computer or tablet.